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Edit system Administration Event Severity in Performance Management


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Performance Management raises a variety of out of the box Administration Events. These are not based on a Threshold Violation Event Type.

These Administration Events have no Severity set.

Is there a way to set or adjust the severity of these Administration Events generated internally by Performance Management?

For example a Performance Management Notification is configured to send email for Data Collector Status Administration Events. This is for notification of Data Collector disconnects from the Data Aggregator. There are different Data Collector Status Administration Events, not just those for connection status changes. With this configuration Events are emailed that are unwanted.

There is no way to delineate which Data Collector Status Administration Events are sent via email through the Notification Rule with no additional filtering possible, such as on Severity.


All supported Performance Management releases


With no Severity defined or set for these Events there is no way to set or edit them.

Notification Rules don't allow selection of Administration Events beyond the first level of Event Types. While there are various Events for each Type, there is no filtering available for these types.


At this time the following are Enhancement Requests for Performance Management.

Set or Edit Severity on Administration Events

The ability to set or edit Severity values on out of the box system Administration Events. For example here we see the Event Details for a Data Collection Administration Event Type. Note there is no Severity value present with none set.

For comparison this is a system generated out of the box Polling Event. It's a Threshold Violation and does have a Severity set which could be edited despite it being an out of the box Event.

Without an Event Severity set on the Administration Events, without new code there is no ability to set a Severity in order to then edit it.


Filter Notification Rules on Administration Event Type Sub-type sub-types

The ability to set filters on Notification Rules for Administration Event sub-categories. Event filtering in Notification Rules are done in the Conditions section.

They can be filtered at the Event Type level. They can be filtered at the Event Sub-type level. But there is no filtering of the different Events possible under the Event Sub-type level. 

Additional Information

Default out of the box system generated Threshold Violation Events can have their Severity edited. See the following Knowledge Base article for further details.

Edit system Threshold Violation Event Severity in Performance Management