Metrics not available for group trend reports and USM/OC
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Metrics not available for group trend reports and USM/OC


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


 UIM Infrastructure with Tunneling disabled on all secondary hubs and noticed that robots under some secondary hubs are not displaying data in USM/OC or Group trend reports
Note: Performance Reports show data for suspect robots.Observations on suspect robots:
1. We are unable to manage probes on suspect robots with a IM logon session to the Primary hub and receive a pop message with the error below:Note: This issue is not seen with IM launched on the secondary hub itself**Unable to reach controller, node: </Domain/Hub/Robot/Probe> error message: communication error
2. The discovery_server.log captures the error below for all suspect robots
[robotWorker-4] WARN  com.nimsoft.discovery.server.nimbus.scan.ProbeFetcher - probe_list failed for /domainname/sechubname/suspectrobotname
(80) Session error, Unable to open a client session for %suspectrobotipaddress:48000: Connection timed out: connect


Release : UIM 20.x



This issue is sometimes seen when the Primary hub is not able to communicate directly with all robots UIM ports.


1. Open the UIM ports between the Primary Hub and suspect robots that belong to the secondary hubs.


2. Enable Tunneling between Primary and Secondary hubs.

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