Error finding SageMaster (Eurekify) universe.
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Error finding SageMaster (Eurekify) universe.


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An error has occurred. For more information, view the log file.

I am getting this error "Error finding SageMaster (Eurekify) universe." when I click on 'SMTP Check".

The eurekify.log files show:
08:40:14,995 ERROR [com.eurekify.web.portal.header.MasterHeadPanel] (default task-10) could not find AD1\EAdmin in Eurekify!: java.lang.RuntimeException: Error finding SageMaster (Eurekify) universe.



Release : 14.3

Component : GovernanceMinder(Role & Compliance Manager)


The error indicates a problem with the eurekify universe configuration files. 


To resolve this please use the Governance Client tools to delete the existing Master and model for the Eurekify Universe and restart Governance.  
The master and model will be rebuilt during the startup of Governance.
Under File > Review Database, select the eurekify.cfg, uncheck the 'write protected' button and click Delete

Once done, restart Governance which should rebuild this file and correct the error.