AWA: Adaptive ERT does not seem to take into account the Variables
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AWA: Adaptive ERT does not seem to take into account the Variables


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


We tried to setup an adaptive ERT for a Job, but it doesn't seems to be working.

Here is the setup:

1. Job with a variable &SLEEPTIME# = 10 or 20
2. command that is started is: sleep &SLEEPTIME#
3. in the tab Variables & Prompts we set the &SLEEPTIME# to "Use for adaptive ERT" and the value Numeric
4. in the General tab for Estimated Runtime we use the Calculation Method of "Dynamic: Adaptive"

if we put this Job into a workflow and Switch the &SLEEPTIME# value from 10 to 20 several times the ERT is still calculated in average (13 to 15 seconds).

It is thought that the Adaptive ERT should quickly adapt to 20 but it is not.


Release : 12.2 and 12.3



Expected behavior



Expected behavior: a variable with the duration of the job will not influence as someone would expect in the Adaptive ERT estimation, extract from documentation 11.2:

It is not guaranteed that variables which have been defined as external factors also actually influence the ERT calculation.

If the variable does not change, for example, or does not change to an extent that could be attributed to the runtime, it is omitted from the calculation.

Additional Information

If the Job duration is known beforehand, it would make more sense setting Fixed  ERT time at the same time that you modify the Prompset / Variable value that will say how long the sleep will be.

This can be done via the MODIFY_TASK Script Function.