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Data Repository installation failure - Fail : User shell is not bash (found /bin/ksh)


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Failed on hosts (1): IP ADDRESS
    Provided DB Admin account details: user = dradmin, group = verticadba, home = /home/dradmin
    Creating group... Group already exists
    Validating group... Okay
    Creating user... User already exists
    Validating user...
    Fail : User shell is not bash (found /bin/ksh)
    Hint : Alter system user with usermod
    Help :


Release : 20.2

Component : IM Reporting / Admin / Configuration


The cause of this failure is due to the default shell for the user not being set to BASH.  As per the below Vertica reference, the default shell MUST be BASH:

  • the user must use the BASH shell as the user's default shell. If not, then the installer reports this issue with identifier [S0240].


To set a user's default shell one would run a command like:

usermod --shell /bin/bash dradmin