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False alerts from ntservices on restart


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


We are having reoccurring issues with invalid alerts being raised upon system restart for windows services that are monitored.  Our ntservices probe settings are configured to check at 30 minutes, however we frequently see immediate alerts upon system restart from UIM related to pending services.  As such, had a couple of questions:

1.  When the UIM Robot is first started, does it immediately evaluate all ntservices probe monitors and alert regardless of interval?

2.  Is there a best practice recommendation on delayed start specific to the UIM robot service on Windows systems to alleviate issues?


Release : 9.0.2



Configure this parameter so that you don't end up with alarms being generated simply due to a system restart-> Initial startup delay.

Initial startup delay before monitoring starts
enables the probe to wait for the specified number of seconds before running the profiles, after the probe startup.
Default: Not selected
You don't need to set the robot to Automatic (Delayed Start) for this particular scenario.