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After Clarity 15.8 Upgrade Users are Facing Program Creation/Navigation Issue


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Clarity PPM On Premise


After upgrading from Clarity 15.4 to 15.8 users are seeing an issue while navigating/creating programs. In 15.4 the user does not need the global right 'Management-Programs' to create/access the program. However, in 15.8 the global right 'Management-Programs' is required else user gets an error when trying to navigate to the program.



Release : 15.8.1



This behavior is by design. The user would require this right along with access to the specific program/sub projects to be able to access them. Programs are a little different from projects where you just need project specific rights since programs include a lot more data (multiple projects) versus a single project.

Clarity 15.8 documentation:

Management - Programs
Allows the user to navigate to Programs and access the programs to which they have access. This right is dependent on the user having project view or edit rights to the programs and subprojects.
Type:  Global