Fly out views not saving values in MUX
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Fly out views not saving values in MUX


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Flyout views are not retaining values when attempting to enter values by pressing tab to go to the next field. This can also be reproduced using your mouse.

Example: Flyout in the Modern User Experience (UX) project details is not updating the values and also wiping out data. This may be seen with custom fields or out-of-the-box fields. 

Additional symptoms that may be reported:

  • Random data loss while entering data in the details flyout of the Modern UX. Sometimes it fully blanks the field, sometimes while editing a field it will overwrite the value in the field without warning and causing errant data.
  • Sometimes, the value entered reverts back to the previous value temporarily, then returns to the new value.
  • Sometimes, it takes part of the new value entered, and part of the previous value and combines that into a new value.
    Example: Type in 111111 in all 5 cells, then go back and type in 44444, it will intermittently take part of both numbers and leave that as the final value (Example 1111114)


  1. Log in to Clarity
  2. Create a custom subobject of the project object
  3. Create several numeric type attributes
  4. Create several calculated attributes from the number attributes created in Step 3, they can be just simple addition or multiply.
  5. Add the subobject module to the blueprint which the project is using.
  6. Navigate to project tiles in the New User Experience (UX) and choose a project
  7. Click on the Subobject module tab and create 1 instance.
  8. Highlight the instance and click on Details to go to fly-out
  9. Place the cursor on the first numeric attribute and start tabbing out to change values for other numeric attributes so you can change them as well. 

Notice randomly some numeric attribute values will not save and revert back to the previous value.

Expected Results: Values should be updated

Actual Results: Values are not updated

(Note: Issue can also be seen in text fields)


Release : 15.8.1 and higher





Defect DE63754 is FIXED in 16.0.2


Additional Information

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