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Login in PacketShaper shows invalid credentials even when login into CLI with these same credentials.


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PacketShaper S-Series


The Login in PacketShaper shows invalid credentials even when login into CLI with these same credentials.

When checking the logs outputs from 'sys e d' before rebooting the PS we could see these errors:

A: clampAddSeg: No room to save seg in clamp

usCreate: Maximum concurrent WUI_session user sessions reached


This issue could be provoked by different things:

  • -The PacketShaper (PS) is connected to a Management Center (MC) and when MC trying to connect with PS reaches the maximum concurrent login sessions.
  • -The maximum concurrent WUI session was reached.


  • Disconnect the PS from the MC in case you have it connected and reboot the PacketShaper with 'reset' command via CLI.
  • Try changing the password to a simple one without symbols or special characters that you could type it without passing the time setting by default (30 seconds) to enter the right credentials.

For doing this use the command setup password: Configure a touch (read/write) or look (read-only) password. The default password for the touch user is touch and the default password for the look user is look.

setup password look|touch

Passwords can be up to nineteen characters long and are case sensitive. They can consist of a combination of letters, numbers, and all special characters on the U.S. keyboard. Passwords cannot be blank. Passwords are set to their defaults when the setup reset all or setup reset clear commands are executed. You will be prompted to enter the old password, type a new password, and retype the password to confirm. For
setup password touch
Old touch password: (none)
New touch password:
Confirm touch password:
Changed the touch password
To abort this command and return to the command prompt, press Ctrl+D.

3-Set the time for putting the password in the GUI to 60 seconds running the command

sys set userSessionIdleTimeout 60