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TPX: Copy of ACT (Application Characteristics Table) has duplicate entries, why?


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TPX - Session Management TPX- PACKAGE Vman Session Management for z/OS TPX SESSION MANAGEMENT


Prior to making changes to an ACT entry a backup can be made:

S NEWACT to create an ACT called NEWACT <ENTER>


NEWACT created, notice the TPX Applids are there.

Copy an existing ACT:


Press ENTER:

Why are there duplicate entries for the 'TPX' Applids?


Release : 5.4

Component : CA-TPX for OS/390


There are duplicate entries for the 'TPX' applids because these are automatically brought in, this is normal behavior.

They can be deleted prior to issuing the COPY or after.  This is deleting them AFTER the copy:


Press ENTER and they are removed.