Download and run the script in Performance Management
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Download and run the script in Performance Management


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CA Performance Management - Usage and Administration DX NetOps


Where can I find

Where can I find etlHealth


Download etlHealth


Script is attached to this KB in

Download to a DR node. Any one works. Make it executable after extracting it from the zip.

chmod 775

2020-10-02: Updated version of script tied to r3.7.16/r20.2.4 release attached to KB article.

Can run as follows:

  1. ./ <dauser> <dapass>
    Sample run:
  2. ./ <dradmin> <dbpass> -S
    Sample run:

Note, running with dradmin requires the -S flag. Not using it results in this error:

Can also add -v for verbose output. Example commands as follows.

  1. ./ <dauser> <dapass> -v
  2. ./ <dradmin> <dbpass> -S -v

Additional Information

Edit the script and set the appropriate vsql location. The OOB location is: /opt/vertica/bin/vsql

Run the following syntax to locate the vsql file: find / -name vsql


This is the expected result without any error and the PASS result:


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