Unable to contact...<Robot_Address> errors on Windows and Linux robots
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Unable to contact...<Robot_Address> errors on Windows and Linux robots


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We are facing communication errors on some windows/linux servers.  And also we are not able to install probes on those servers. Error when trying to connect to NimBUS address of many robots we get an error-> "Unable to contact...<Robot_Address>"


1. robot communication issues/errors/network communication error
2. robots display but no robot probes display in the IM so there is nothing to select.

robot can reach hub on port 48002 as per telnet

hub to robot connection is fine too as per telnet

Tools->Connect from IM shows a different ip
On the local machine, ipconfig showed the wrong IP Address as the preferred ip


Any Version


There may be different solutions for various robots, here are some examples:

1. Added robotname and robot ip to the robot.cfg's for several robots and restarted the robot and in several cases this was enough to fix the robot's communication issues.

2. Set first_probe_port = 48000

3. Linux machine ->added robotip, since robotname was present, then restarted the robot and it worked fine from that point on

4. Local firewall was enabled so for now disabling it allowed the robot to communicate with the hub again. It's quite possible that after a reboot, some of the machines firewall's are becoming enabled again. Note that you can just make sure that the local firewall is configured to allow inbound/outbound communication for all Nimsoft Programs/Protocols (TCP/UCP).

5. robot versions->be sure to have all HFs applied.

6. For a subset of robots exhibiting APIPA addresses (169.254.*) as per the hub robots display window, use this KB article to work around the issue.

Robots registering with IP/APIPA address and failed to collect data & alerts