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DUAS: CDJ displays Jobs in Launch Wait Status instead of Event Wait with uproc number increasing


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CA Automic Dollar Universe


UVC displays some Jobs with status Launch Wait and then Started instead of Event Wait as expected, the uproc number keeps increasing.

The command "uxlst fla nseq=launch_number full" returns the same wrong Status ( Launch Wait)

The commands "uxlst ctl nseq=launch_number full"  and "uxlst ctl nseq=launch_number hst"  provide that the status is Event Wait and in some occasions the History Trace indicating the missing Event / Resource.

In some occasions, the history trace is not available and the following kind of error appears continuously in the universe.log each time the uproc number of the impacted launch number is increased.

|ERROR|X|IO|pid=p.t| GAGESHIS | L'execution XXXXXXX est inconnue dans l'historique
|ERROR|X|IO|pid=p.t| GAGESHIS | Execution XXXXXXX unknown in the history file


No resource Log is created for those Jobs, updating the Start / End Date does no affect the Launches and they are never submitted.


Release : 6.x



Technical counter in u_fmev60.dta having already gone over 1Billion, position can be found on the first line of the file u_fmev60.dta:

20200911090654000000001002089453                                    0386516057                                                       


This can only occur on really Old nodes that have many conditions on Event Wait jobs that were running for over 6/7 years since version 5.6 




Manually Bypass Conditions on the impacted Jobs in status Launch Wait


The problem was due to an incorrect counter reset, which was not handled in a proper manner for 'Realized' records inside u_fmev60.
Now, when the counter will be reset, 'Realized' records will be automatically updated accordingly.

Update to a fix version listed below or a newer version if available.

Fix version(s): 
Component: Dollar.Universe.Application.Server
Dollar Universe 6.10.51 - Released 28th October 2020