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"The element <ExtendedAttribute> in the <Task> element with <UID> = X has invalid data" in MSP


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When trying to import (open) a project in Microsoft Project (MSP) from Clarity, the following error message is shown:

"An Import Error Occured. The element <ExtendedAttribute> in the <Task> element with <UID> = X has invalid data." (X can be any number).


Any Clarity and MSP environment (using Microsoft Project integration).


A possible cause for this is that a special character that is generally not accepted in a string attribute has been introduced in the project via copy/paste from another rich text editor (for example, Microsoft Word).

Examples include new line characters in attributes where this is not accepted, special characters such as tab characters...


If there is a new line character in an attribute where this is not accepted, check "MSP Import Error on extended attribute if the related text field in Clarity has a second line manually created".

Special characters may show up in the XML file and cause issues when being imported to Microsoft Project.

To Identify which task(s) and field are causing the issue:

  1. Enable XML debugging by changing general=debug in the file on the workstation. See detailed steps in "How to provide the xml, mpp and MSP Logs for Troubleshooting Clarity MSP Issues".
  2. (Optional, but recommended) - open the XML in Firefox as it will show an error if the XML file is valid or not. If it contains an error, open it in a text editor and look at the suggested line to see what task contains the error.
  3. In a text editor, search for <UID>X (replace X with the UID from the error message).
  4. Look for any strange character, in a format similar to &#x0000; (example).
  5. If no special character is found, while using a text editor that can show all characters (such as Notepad++), try to identify if there are any tab characters.
    Notepad++: View > Show Symbol > Show all Characters. Notepad++ will display the tab as an arrow symbol, with different lengths depending on its position.

  1. If any special character was found in steps 4 or 5, note the task name and change the attribute value in Clarity (delete and re-type the value, do not use copy/paste from another application as it might re-introduce the issue).
  2. Try to re-open the project in MSP.