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CA View - View database could not be downgraded to 12.2 from v14.0


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The client wanted to VERSION a View database back to the 12.2 level, and received error:
  SARDTB03  Unsupported database level


Release : 14.0

Component : CA View


The client received the following error when VERSIONing a CA View database to the 12.2 level:

. SARDBT03 Unsupported database level

The problem was that the client was starting with a View 14.0-level database, trying to VERSION back to the 12.2 level, but they were using 12.2-level code.

The 12.2-level code does not know of a 14.0-level database.

The solution was to use 14.0-level code, to VERSION the 14.0-level database back to 12.2.