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Liveupdate fails when using a LAN server with multiple @ characters in the password


Article ID: 199615


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Messaging Gateway


When SMG is configured in Malware > Email Scan Settings > Liveupdate to use a local LAN host for malware definitions, if the password set for the LAN / LUA server contains multiple '@' characters, the Liveupdate download attempts will fail with the lux.log showing that part of the password has been treated as the hostname for the LAN server:

 [Server Selection - START]
07:50:32.045850 Result Code: 0x80010830
07:50:32.045885 Result Message: FAIL - failed to select server
07:50:32.045914 [Server - START]
07:50:32.045941 Host ID: {113495A0-D4D8-4BE4-90B5-207C94EF4A75}
07:50:32.045962 Status Code: 1
07:50:32.045983 Status Message: Server was not selected
07:50:32.046005 Transport Return Code: 0x80010731
07:50:32.046027 Transport Return Message: FAIL - download failed
07:50:32.046047 Protocol: HTTP
07:50:32.046067 Hostname: [email protected]@lua.domain.internal
07:50:32.046087 Port: 7070
07:50:32.046107 Path:
07:50:32.046127 Username: ********
07:50:32.046147 Password: ********
07:50:32.046166 Proxy ID: {00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000}
07:50:32.046186 Proxy Bypass: false
07:50:32.046205 [Server - END]
07:50:32.046227 Used proxy list was empty
07:50:32.046247 [Server Selection - END]"



This is a known issue with the password and url encoding for local liveupdate downloads and will be addressed in a future release.


Until this issue is resolved in an SMG release, please refrain from using more than one '@' symbol in the local LUA server password.