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Allocation mismatch between Workloads & Resource Allocation View


Article ID: 199601


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Clarity PPM SaaS Clarity PPM On Premise


There is a mismatch in resource allocation between the Allocations tab on the resource properties and the Resource Workloads portlet. 


Release : All

Component : CA PPM Resource Management


This may occur if the filter is not set the same in both places. For example, if the Resource Workloads portlet is set to filter for Approved = Yes, while the list on the resource Allocations is set to filter for Approved = All. 

Setting the filter parameters to be the same in both places will yield the same results. 

Note that in the Workloads portlet some of the filters may be hidden with a default.

These may be:

  • Active Resources
  • Active Investments
  • Is Role

Also make sure that the Work Effort Unit of Measure in the Options for the List Column Section is the same.