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Error in Spectrum Control Panel (SCP) where two servers have the same landscape handle


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CA Spectrum


The following error is seen in the Spectrum Control Panel (SCP) and the $SPECROOT/SS/VNM.OUT file:

WARNING: Two servers on spectrum1 port 0xbeef and spectrum2 port 0xbeef have the same service Landscape 0x4000000 Service Type "Landscape Default" and precedence 10.


Release : Any

Component : Spectrum Core / SpectroSERVER


As the error states, there are two SpectroSERVER systems in the Distributed SpectroSERVER (DSS) environment that have the same landscape handle and precedence.


Verify which server is correct and take corrective measures to change the landscape handle on the incorrect server.

Reference the Community Post "Change landscape handle in Spectrum"

If these servers are in separate DSS environments, limit access to the DSS environments by adding only the hostnames or ip addresses of the systems in the $SPECROOT/.hostrc files of the SpectroSERVER systems. It is not recommended to sue the plus "+" character.

If you installed Spectrum with a unique landscape handle, you can use lh_set as noted in the community post or you can set the landscape handle back to the default landscape handle that was used during install by loading legacy from the $SPECROOT/SS directory:

../SS-Tools/SSdbload -ic legacy.SSdb

Keep in mind though that if you installed with a landscape handle already in use that this will still cause the same problem.  You would have needed to install with a unique landscape handle.

Additional Information

Please reference the "Host Resource Configuration File (.hostrc)" section of the documentation for more information.