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Installing Top Secret for VSE SP10. AWS files are not documented


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Top Secret - VSE


I downloaded the latest version I could from the products.  The zip file contained the following:





I have several questions:

1) Which of the first two aws files should be used to install CIS, GSS and TSS? The documentation (DOC0000000003564) pdf is for CA CIS SP 13 – it states that the input file for CIS and GSS is the 140801CGN00 aws file but that file appears to be much older and a few hundred bytes smaller than the 142006CGN00 aws file. 

2) What is the purpose of the file?

3) Some of my additional confusion comes from the document (DOC0000000003564) pdf, on page 5 under section 1.2, it states that files 1-199 are reserved, is that a mistake since the next file detailed is 191?  The other thing is regarding the restore of the installation JCL, I used the JCL listed on pages 17 and 18 as a basis and was able to restore those job streams from file 205, which is listed as a reserve file in that same table in section 1.2.


z/VSE 6.2 and above

Top Secret for VSE Release 3.0 SP10

CIS for VSE Release 1.4 SP13


A new service pack of CIS/GSS (SP 13) on September 7, 2020. It was included in the pack list for Top Secret SP10, but the old AWS file was not removed. To answer your questions:

1. contains the latest service pack versions of CIS and GSS.  Use this virtual tape to install those products.

2. 301906AKD00.AWS is the virtual tape that contains Top Secret release 3.0 at genlevel 1906 (2019 - June)
3. a)  Documenting 1-199 as reserved is an error. It should be 1-190
    b)  The JCL on page 18 of the readme file skips 205 tape files, positioning at the start of file 206 for the MSHP installation JCL.

4) Follow Appendix D of the Top Secret Getting Started Guide to install the TSS service pack