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api-availability.xml in loop


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CA API Developer Portal


The issue is regarding the legacy API Developer Portal.

There is looping messages under https://portal-url/admin -> Administration Tools -> Activity Record -> 

Filename = /xml_content/layer7/APIs/api-availability.xml 
User = internal + internalRequest 

Can the frequency of these messages be reduced as its being generated every 5 mins.


These  files are regarding the visibility of various entities( like applications , api , account plans) . The generation of these messages are normal behavior. . By default it is configured to generate every 5 mins, however the messages frequency can be adjusted as shown in resolution sections.


Release : 3.5

Component : API Developer PORTAL


The frequency of the 'API Status' scheduled task can be controlled by editing the configuration for the 'Scheduler' plugin. The default setting is every 5 minutes.


The setting scheduleCron0 specifies the frequency for the api status job in cron format.



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