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Apache upgrade for SPS instance on RHEL6.10 or RHEL 7.8


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We're running a CA Access Gateway (SPS) and we've discovered
vulnerabilities. We'd like to know how to upgrade the embedded Apache
server to version equal or higher of 2.4.42 ?

We run at the moment :

  CA Access Gateway (SPS) 12.52SP1CR01




At first glance, SPS 12.52SP1CR01 is out of support as per EOL-EOS notice :

  CA Single Sign-On r12.52 End of Service Announcement

More, in order to get CA Access Gateway (SPS) you need to upgrade the
version to 12.8SP4 which runs Apache 2.4.43 as per our Release Notes :

Defects Fixed in 12.8.04

  20068805, 31819372, 20243712, 31789696, 31790096, 31799363, 31821485
  DE432477, DE444233, DE451026, DE451486 Apache is upgraded to Apache
  2.4.43, OpenSSL is upgraded to OpenSSL 1.0.2u, and Tomcat is upgraded
  to 7.0.104.

Finally, CA Access Gateway (SPS) 12.8SP4 is supported on RedHat 7 as
per our Support Matrix :

  Symantec SiteMinder (previously CA Single Sign-On) 12.8

  2.1 Operating System for Policy Server, SDK & Access Gateway

    The following table lists SiteMinder server components and Access
    Gateway support for Operating Systems

      | SiteMinder     | Red Hat |
      | Component      |         |
      | Access Gateway | 7       |
      | 64 bit         | 6       |


Note that :

- SPS 12.8SP4 is compatible with other Web Agent version;
- SPS 12.8SP4 is not compatible with the Policy Server 12.8SP2, as
  stated by our Support Matrix :

  4.1 Policy Server and Agents Compatibility

    All other usage patterns (e.g. reverse proxy, federation, Rest
    interface, session linking) are supported with the 12.8 Policy
    Server in combination with earlier versions of the Access Gateway.

  We strongly suggest you to run SPS version being the same as Policy
  Server in order to have the new or changed functionality aligned
  with SPS as this following among the others :

  OIDC endpoint URLs