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Resource Not Shown in the Resource List When Filtering by OBS Unit


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Clarity PPM On Premise Clarity PPM SaaS


A resource is not displayed in the Resource List when filtering by specific OBS Units:

  1. Go to Home > Resource Management > Resources
  2. Filter by the following criteria: a specific resource ID, and its OBS Unit.
  3. Click 'Filter'. The resource appears.
  4. Filter again: the same specific resource ID, and the topmost level of its OBS Unit (Level 1). For 'OBS Unit - Filter Mode', choose 'Unit and Descendants'.
  5. Click 'Filter'.

Expected result: the resource is returned after filtering, because that resource belongs to one of the child OBS units.
Actual result: no records are returned after filtering.


Root cause is not known at this stage.


Filter by OBS Unit levels, starting by the lowest OBS level and by 'OBS Unit - Filter Mode: Unit and Descendants', and go up one level every time.

At a given OBS Unit level, the resource will not be returned as a search result.

For this level (that did not return the resource as result) and the level below (that did return the resource as result): move them, one by one, to the topmost level, then move it back to the appropriate level. The internal OBS Unit structures will be regenerated.

As there might be other levels affected, keep checking for all levels of the OBS hierarchy.