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PGP Command Line Standard input output commands not working with named pipes post version 10.1


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PGP Command Line


PGP Command Line post version 10.1 operates incorrectly using input output named pipes. 


The following command was used in PGP Command Line 10.1, which no longer works in the later versions of the software:

pgp --encrypt --armor --input - --output - --recipient "bob"

Named input output is denoted by a "-" character after the "--input\--output" options.

This  above command will prompt for input and then once finished, output the data to an encrypted file, which is useful when input data is needed. 


As an alternative to this issue, the following command has been tested with PGP Corporation 10.4.2 and is known to work:

pgp --encrypt --armor --output - --recipient "bob" -v -i - --buffered-stdio

Notice there is a "-" after the "-i" option above and then we add a "--buffered-stdio" option.  


If you are running into this issue and are unable to use the above command as an alternative, please contact Symantec support for further assistance.

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