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Rally: Is Flow State available for Notification Rules and some pages


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CA Agile Central SaaS (Rally)


Flow State is not available as a choice on Notification Rules and some pages. Is there any way to have this option added, or is there any way to get a notification when this happens?  Is there any way around this?


Release : SAAS



Flow State is a Rally built-in field created for the Team Board for mapping Schedule States to team-specific columns. Team Board is easy to use and configure on a per team/project level. Team Board only shows work from the current Team (Project). ... For this reason, Flow State is used only on Team Board.

*** IMPORTANT - If Flow State is changed outside of the Team Board, it can lead to problems on the Team Board as the Flow State and Schedule State may become out of sync.  Rally does not recommend changing Flow State outside of the Team Board.



Because Flow State can be different at every Team/Project level, it is not available as a choice on Notification Rules and many other pages. Try to use Schedule State, it maps to Flow State.