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Cisco ACI Fabric Swith CRC and FRC Error Metrics all zeros in Performance Management


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In Performance Management Using the "Alternate Interface" Metric Family devices show support for the "Ethernet w/DOT3" Vendor Certification.

Using reports against the "CRC Errors" and "FCS Errors" metrics some devices show all zero values when the interfaces do have errors according to the device itself.

The devices missing the data are various models of the Cisco ACI Fabric Switches .

The devices showing valid data are Cisco NX-OS model 9318YC devices. Other Cisco NX-OS devices also show valid data.

Why are the "CRC Errors" and "FCS Errors" metrics showing all zero values for Cisco ACI Fabric Switches?


All supported Performance Management releases


Cisco ACI Fabric Switches don't support the MIB OIDs that support the "CRC Errors" and "FCS Errors" metrics from the "Ethernet w/DOT3" Vendor Certification.


Cisco notes that the Cisco ACI Fabric Switch devices do support "CRC Errors" and "FCS Errors" metrics.

They data point to represent those metrics is the rmonEtherStats data point.

It is only able to be retrieved via SDN technology REST API calls for the rmonEtherStats data point.

It is not available via SNMP protocol requests.

Additional Information

At this time these are not supported metrics for the Virtual Network Assurance Cisco ACI plugin. Please submit an Enhancement Request to ask for the addition of these metrics.

Virtual Network Assurance Cisco ACI Documentation

Enhancement Requests are submitted via the Ideation page in the Broadcom Community site.