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Nimsoft Robot configuration is empty (becomes corrupted)


Article ID: 199511


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


After a system reboot, one of our robots stopped working and we discovered that the robot.cfg was emptied.


Component : UIM - ROBOT

Robot version: 7.96

UIM version: 8.51


For the given server, upon reboot, the robot.cfg was emptied.

Change the startup mode in the Robot Watcher Service to Automatic (Delayed Start).

This is usually a random occurrence. Perhaps when it does happen the controller has not finished shutting down.
Or the drive is full or near full or its read only. This may happen on Windows or Linux/UNIX.

Recommend making the change on the weekend, then can test it.

Repair the robot.cfg (use another robot.cfg as a reference). Make sure the robot can start without error - check the controller.log

Then reboot and see if the robot.cfg is emptied. If it is, make the change to the service and test again.