TLMS to Sync with DLM
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TLMS to Sync with DLM


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TLMS Tape Management


Scratch volumes from 2017 are not SYNC with the Dell DLM.  Need the sync up the DLM DB.  


Release : 12.6/14.0

Component : CA TLMS Tape Management


Missing volumes in scratch report.


You can use 2 different reports to update the DELL DLM database:

1). TLMS043 from the CATTRS process. This will list volumes that were scratch for that run/date.

2). Earl Report TLERPT03 lists all tape volumes in the Volume Master File that are in scratch status (SCRATCH=YES). Tapes that have been reused since being scratched will not appear on this report. Optional parameters let you produce the report for a specific date or for all scratch volumes. If no parameters are specified, the report is for the current system date. Change the PARM to ALL to list every scratch volumes within TLMS.

//        EXEC CATEARL,
//             PRM='ALL'
The SYSEARL DD will create the file needed for input to the DLMSCR job. Recommend using the TLERPT03 method to ensure all scratch volumes are updated in the DLM database.