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Does CA GEN release 8.6 also have a TIUPARML dataset as in prior release?


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Upgrading to CA GEN 8.6 and not seeing a TIUPARML dataset as in prior releases,

is this dataset delivered with part of the CA GEN release 8.6 installation?


CA Gen Host Encyclopedia

Release : 8.6



When installing CA GEN 8.6, please first pre-allocate the JCL, SQL, PARMLIB libraries.

Then, during the CEINSTAL portion of the installation, the CEINSTAL will build the members into the three datasets with the data provided during the CEINSTAL. 

The following table describes the CA Gen library names populated during configuration:
SQL - CEINSTAL generates the SQL necessary to install CA Gen and places it in this library.
JCL - CEINSTAL generates the JCL necessary to install CA Gen and places it in this library.
PARMLIB - CEINSTAL generates the members as this library contains site specific parameters.

CA GEN 8.6 does use the PARM file under release 8.6 called PARMLIB and it is added to the list of datasets via the TIUPARML DD as documented here:

This shows that TIUPARML is the DD name for the CA GEN 8.6 PARMLIB 

Referencing the following link,

this is documented: 
Add the PARM file to the ISPF logon (DD TIUPARML).  You can view the datasets via the  "TSO ISRDDN" command.

The CA GEN 8.6 PARMLIB contains the following members:
_________ TIJCARD 
_________ TILHE 
_________ TIRHE 
_________ TIRMFS 
_________ TIUHE 
_________ TIUHE2