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Back up of Host Encyclopedia: how to do an image copy


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Gen Gen - Host Encyclopedia


Is there a way to create a backup of the host encyclopedia before upgrading in place to CA GEN 8.6?




CA Gen Host Encyclopedia, Release 8.6


Regarding backing up the database associated with the 8.5/8.6 HE, an image copy of the database may be done.

Please refer to the CAUCOPY member in your JCL library for CA GEN 8.6 to do a full image copy.

Here is the reference in our documentation regarding CAUCOPY and the backing up of an HE after an upgrade in place:

Please Note:

1. A warning that all models must be checked in, and an image copy of the Encyclopedia made, before beginning an upgrade. This establishes a recovery point, must one be needed.

2. Paging down will also show all of the jobs which are needed to be run from your JCL library, including information on the CAUCOPY utility.

You must have IBM DB2 utilities or CA DB2 utilities or equivalent utilities from other vendors to execute the following jobs. If you are using utilities from other vendors, customize these jobs accordingly.