Changing the Portfolio Item ID in Clarity to a different Initiative then used Previously
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Changing the Portfolio Item ID in Clarity to a different Initiative then used Previously


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Is it possible to change the portfolio item ID to a different initiative from Rally and sync to that one instead? I notice that once you initially set it to a specific initiative, it syncs all of the features to the Clarity project as tasks. But if you change it, it doesn’t work, even though it says that the sync was successful in the “Sync Job Information” section.



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Delete the previous Portfolio Item External ID and Initiative ID for the project and update with the new IDs (pulling from the Object IDs in Rally versus the actual ID such as I52, using the steps below. 

  1. In Clarity go to Administration->Objects->Project
  2. Click on the Portfolio Item External ID attribute (Initiative external ID in earlier releases)
  3. Uncheck 'Read only'
  4. Click Save
  5. Repeat steps 1-4 for Initiative ID
  6. Go to Home->Projects
  7. Click on Options->Configure
  8. Add 'Portfolio Item External ID' and 'Initiative External ID' to Selected Columns
  9. Click Save
  10. From the List Column Section tab drop down, select Fields
  11. Click on the properties icon for Portfolio Item External ID
  12. Check 'Allow editing'
  13. Save changes
  14. Repeat steps 10-13 for Initiative ID
  15. Double click on the Portfolio Item External ID for the project you want to sync to an initiative
  16. Add the Portfolio Item External ID that coincides with the Rally portfolio item object ID. 
  17. Retrieve the Agile Central Object ID for the Initiative from AC/Rally.
    • Note: If you are not planning on moving the Initiative in Rally later, you can use the shortcut below:
      • Go to the Initiative in Rally
      • Copy the Initiative ID from the URL (last ID in the URL)
      • Paste into the Initiative ID field for the project in Clarity

     18. Run the Agile Central Synchronization job

     19. Verify the initiative ID is correct in Clarity

     20. Delete any incorrectly created initiative IDs in Rally

  • Important: The Portfolio Item External ID and Initiative ID fields are read only out of the box, so it's recommended to use caution if leaving the fields editable after the steps below are done as users will have access to editing these fields.
    • Enabling audit for those fields is one additional recommendation in this scenario in case a field gets changed unexpectedly, so you can track down who made the change. To do this:
      • Enable auditing in Administration->Studio->Objects->Product->Audit Trail for both changes and deletion of the attribute: Initiative ID
      • This will also help more easily copy and paste the Initiative ID from the audit tab of the project later on