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NCM capture issues after upgrading Spectrum to 10.4.2 with custom scripts


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CA Spectrum DX NetOps


After upgrading to Spectrum 10.4.2, we are receiving strange behavior with NCM Custom Scripts that were working correctly in Spectrum 10.4.1

Some of these issues that we have noticed include:

1) The first line of the config is not captured. 
2) Banners in configs with blank lines are now shown as a difference with the last config, but nothing has changed.


Release : 20.2 / 10.4.2

Component : Spectrum Applications NCM


In Spectrum 10.4.2 custom scripts execution is done by NCM service. Before 10.4.2, custom scripts were executed by SRAdmin. 


Steps to enable script execution using SRAdmin in 10.4.2: 
1. Select the Configuration Manager in the Explorer tab. Select the Attributes tab.
2. Search for useSRAdminForScriptExecution attribute and make it yes. 

Afterwards, the scripts should function the same way they have done previously.

Additional Information

This will be resolved in the March 2021 release of Spectrum.