Associate Image as part of email
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Associate Image as part of email


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We are trying to include an image header as part of email sent from Identity Manager. 
The emails are triggered via Policy express and I tried to append them using the <img src=/> tag based on several recommendations from community discussions.
The emails however are not including the image.

Please can you shed some insights on adding the image to the email header. I tried adding the img src as part of the <Body/> tags. 
The images I tried to add were the ones from the user_console.war / images folder.


Release : 14.3

Component : IdentityMinder(Identity Manager)


Few key points to keep in mind:

1. <ims src> is only a reference and not attaching the actual image.

2. The reference of any relative location has to be identified by the email client itself - which is unaware of our application server root / user_console.war/images folder

We therefore hava to reference a location which is available and resolvable by all expected email recipients.

Taking the following screenshot as an example

The first reference is to a location on the mail server folder hierarchy.

The second reference is to a shared location folder. Based on the email client location (intranet / internet / VPN etc) they may or may not be able to access it.

The third reference is to a public internet location and therefore would be recognizable by any email client with access to the specific google URL.

You should therefore aim to reference an image available from a location which can be accessed by all expected recipients, regardless of the mail client location.