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[ERROR][sm-IsAuthorized-00220] Bad sxxx/rxxx request detected: error 'Cannot fetch agent xxxx'


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[ERROR][sm-IsAuthorized-00220] Bad sxxx/rxxx request detected: error 'Cannot fetch agent xxxx'


Release : 12.x

Component : SITEMINDER 


In general, cannot fetch agent means policy server unable to locate the agent. When web agent intercept the request, it needs to pass the agent name and target resource to policy server in order for it to check if the resource is protected or not. If the agent name pass in is invalid due to some reason, then we expect to see the error message.


Some of the common issue is end user has bookmarked the login page and the agent name has changed after upgrade. Try to access the protected resource directly without go thru bookmark and check if that make any different.


If the issue is not due to bookmark and happen consistently, try to check the realm that having the problem and make sure the agent exist. Alternatively, you can try to recreate the agent and assigned it to realm and check if that helps.