Arcot Admin console does not deploy or not launch
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Arcot Admin console does not deploy or not launch


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Arcot Admin is not deploying and hence cannot be launched, The symptoms are 

1. Catalina logs show Severe errors when deploying. 

2. arcotadmin.log is not created in say <ARCOT_HOME>/logs. 

3. arctoadmin.log when generated shows that that the required files in <JAVA_HOME> locations are not detectable. 


Release : 9.0

Component : AuthMinder(Arcot WebFort)



Things that should be verified are as follows.   Few things to note are that when deploying the Arcot Admin console on a different sever (where the installer has NOT been run)  ,that is, away from the Authminder server where the installer has been run.

1.  The directory files under "<ARCOT_HOME>\conf" should be copied over note the best practice would be to run the installer on the sever where the Admin is installed so that the related files are created in correct location for the specific install version. In one instance missing "resourcebundles"  folder led to failures bringing up the Admin Console  and the arcotadmin.log was not being created.


2.  It was also found that if <JAVA_HOME> was not pointing to  as shown below (to the JDK location) then the required AA required crypto DLLs and JARs are found as not located in the required java location and the Arcot Admin Console will fail to come up.

3. Elaborating on the missing files in the <ARCOT_HOME> folder goes, the  Microsoft Visual executable  in <ARCOT_HOME>native\win location  - vcredist_x64.exe should be in place when either Bundlemanager is run to create a new arcotadmin.war and also during launching of the Arcot Admin console.




Refer to the "Cause -" section above. 

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