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Upgrade CAPM to 20.2.2. What is "camm-tools-cert-migration-20.2.2-RELEASE-321-jar-with-dependencies.jar" Used For?


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Upgrade CAPM to 20.2.2.  What is "camm-tools-cert-migration-20.2.2-RELEASE-321-jar-with-dependencies.jar" Used For?  Do no see any reference to this file anywhere.



Release : 20.2

Component : CA Performance Center


 It is a legacy tool used when upgrading from pre-CAPM 2.4 to CAPM 2.4+. It was for moving CAMM certs and metric families to the appropriate directory. Mention of it was removed from the DOC's because we don't support pre-2.4 to 3.7 or 20.2 however it is still packaged and shipped with the Data Aggregator. Engineering is reviewing and will most likely be removing it in a future release