How do I reload the TLMSIPO without a IPL?
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How do I reload the TLMSIPO without a IPL?


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TLMS Tape Management


Need to change the TLMSIPO parm ROBSCR to YES. How can I reload the TLMSIPO without an IPL?


Release : 14.0

Component : CA TLMS Tape Management


Should it be necessary to change any system option(s) after product installation, edit and apply changes to member TLMSIPO in CAI.CTAPOPTN, and execute the CAS9 procedure, with the CAIRIM parameter for CA TLMS set to PARM(REINIT). The following are valid PARMS for CA TLMS and CAS9:

Completes initialization. This is immediately after an IPL.
Reinitialize the CA TLMS.
To display the current TLMSIPO options loaded, execute member CATOPTS from the CAI.CTAPPROC. Use the PRINT PARM in the execute statement.
Comment statements may be included by coding * in position 1 or /* before and */ after the comment. All parameters and comments must be completed before position 72. Position 72 must be blank.

These options may be validated for errors prior to the REINIT using program TLMSLDIP.