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Performance Management Data Repository install failure for readahead


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CA Infrastructure Management CA Performance Management - Usage and Administration DX NetOps


Installing a three node Performance Management (PM) Data Repository (DR) Vertica cluster.

Using the "Install the Database with Sudo User Passwordless SSH Configured" option.

The script shows all OK messages.

The script fails and returns the following error message.

Prerequisites not fully met during local (OS) configuration for
    FAIL (S0020):
        Readahead size of sdb (/dev/sdb) is too low for typical systems: 256 <

We see the same error message from the two servers that will be nodes 2 and 3.

The server that will be node 1, the one these scripts are run on, doesn't show the same error.


All supported Performance Management releases


The script was only run once on the node meant to be node 1, the one where the script will be run.


The script, per the steps listed in the "Install the Database with Sudo User Passwordless SSH Configured" option, must be run once each on each node in the cluster being built.

Run the script on each node individually. Ensure the DbHostNames value in the is the same as the host its being run on.