Invalid certificate error when launching EEM UI
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Invalid certificate error when launching EEM UI


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When navigating to the EEM homepage a warning may be thrown (as seen below) regarding the security certificate. This document outlines the steps required to eliminate this message by importing the EEM security certificate.
These steps were performed using Internet Explorer 11 against an EEM 12.6.x installation.


EEM 12.6.x


This Technical document discusses how to resolve the certificate error message everyone gets once they install EEM and launch the Admin UI. It will walk you through installing / importing the certificate on to your IE browser so the error message does not come up again.

How to import the Website Certificate so the following error does not pop up every time the Admin UI is launched.
"There is a problem with this website's security certificate"
Click on "Continue to this website (not recommended)."

Navigate to the EEM homepage by continuing past the security certificate warning.
Click on the Certificate error next to the browser address bar and select View certificates:

Click Install Certificate...

Select Place all certificates in the following store option, then select Browse and choose Trusted Root Certification Authorities, then click OK and Finish.


The import should complete and display a confirmation message as seen below:

Once you have imported the Certificate successfully, need to close out the browser and open the Admin UI again.


Additional Information

The certificate that has been imported is attached to your machine name and NOT "localhost" you will need to change the URL of the Admin UI to see the actual machine name for the error not to show up again. The URL should be http://MachineName:5250/spin/eiam.


See KB Article 10727 for information on how to change the default self-signed certificate used in EEM for a signed certificate