Detailed documentation for deleting clients needed
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Detailed documentation for deleting clients needed


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine CA Automic One Automation


What are the options for deleting unwanted clients from Automic?


Release : 12.X, 21.X, 24.X



Deleting a client via the AWI (available only in 21.0 and up):

  1. Log in to Client 0 in the AWI as an administrator user
  2. Be sure the Number of activities shows 0.  If it does not, then all activities must be deleted from Process Monitoring before moving forward
  3. Be sure the client has an "Active" status of stopped (a red square).  If it does not, then right-click on the client and choose "STOP - Disable Automatic Processing"
  4. Once the Client is stopped, right-click the Client again and choose Delete


Deleting a client via REST API (available only in 12.3 and up):

Be sure the client is stopped
Use the /{client_id}/system/clients/{client_id} delete REST API method details in the documentation here:,../Continuous.Delivery.Automation/swagger.json,../Analytics/swagger.json,../Infrastructure.Manager/swagger.json#/system/delete_2


Deleting a client via the Client Copy Utility (available in all versions)

  1. Start the AE.DB ClientCopy utility.
  2. Switch to the Delete client tab
  3. (Optional) In the Settings section, select whether you want to delete a client in the source or destination database.
  4. Select the client that should be deleted in the database list.
  5. Click Delete client to start the deletion process

Note: Make sure that no session is still open on the client


  • Unload all reorganized data before you start deleting a client. This reduces the time the database is blocked.
  • When you delete an existing client, the contents of all its AE database tables are deleted.
  • You cannot restore a deleted client.
  • All activities must be removed from Process Monitoring in the client being deleted before the client can be deleted.

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