UIM - emailgtw template and NAS recipient issue
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UIM - emailgtw template and NAS recipient issue


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Have created a profile in emailgtw, say profile A and the message format is on text format (txt).

However, when deployed profile A ID into the NAS profile, the message has turned to html format.

Not sure if  recipient (say Profile B) in queue in the NAS profile causes this issue, because the Profile B is using html format.

But when adding Profile A ID the most front in the queue in the AO profile it will turned to text file.

Due to this need to create  duplicate NAS profiles, where profile A and profile B need to be separated in order for its message to translate to a correct format.

Is this a normal behavior?


Release : 9.x/ 20.x

Component : UIM - EMAILGTW


From emailgtw config if Group Recipients option is enabled in setup it will send single email with single template .

If you uncheck you will get separate emails


Enabling this checkbox 'Group Recipients' will send one email with multiple recipients. 

Only the first group's template and subject settings will be used, since only one email is generated