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Custom DADS Plus for CICS link to DADSAPI program fails an AEXY abend in program DADSAD8.


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The client has a custom transaction DAUT transaction that points to program DAUTPGM that links to the DADSAPI program to allocate and deallocate files .  The DAUT Transaction is used from automation to issue DADS commands for file open/close before/after batch cycles.This has been inplace for several years. On this particular day the DAUT transaction abended with the following messages.

DFHAC2206 00:13:47 TESTAPPL Transaction DAUT failed with abend AEXY.
DFHAC2236 08/19/2020 00:13:47 TESTAPPL Transaction DAUT transaction number 06957 abend AEXY in program DADSAD8 term BCTC. Updates to local recoverable resources will be backed out.                                                                          





In the past we have seen where a DADS task attempting to allocate/deallocate a file that is in use by another task will hang. We believe this is exactly what is happening. We have recreated the AEXY abend with a DADSAPI task with this technique.

Like your shop, there were no messages that told us what had happened in the DADSLOG because use of the DADSAPI program only writes out the success message.

Your DAUT transaction appears to do the same thing, it only logs success not what it is attempting.

As mentioned above, you will need to determine what CICS task has that dataset opened. Eliminating this contention will resolve the problem.