CA EEM authentication
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CA EEM authentication


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Good afternoon,


We have a need for our external end customers to log into CA Process Automation to complete some flow tasks we have developed, but because CA EEM is integrated with our Active Directory (AD), they cannot log into CA Process Automation. Due to security policies we cannot create external client accounts in our AD. Would there be a way to live in CA EEM so that it allows mixed authentication, that is, that it is integrated into the AD for internal users and also allows creating local accounts for our external clients? Maybe upgrading CA EEM version?


At the same time, we want customers to enter tickets from our service catalog using CA Service Catalog, but this is integrated with CA EEM. How can we get them to enter without creating accounts in our AD?


We look forward to your prompt response.


Thank you very much.


Release : 1.0

Component : Process Automation


IS it possible that EEM connects to local user store and an LDAP store at the same time?

Unfortunately, EEM is not able to have two user stores at the same time, so it is necessary to create the local contacts in the LDAP directory.