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DOI install resource availability


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DX OI 20.2 installation

Problem with installing the application layer on Kubernetes nodes.

How does the installer determine which nodes to use for the application layer? Does it take the ones that are not a master and not labeled for ElasticSearch (ES)?

In this case, there is one master node and three ES nodes. It was expected the application layer would be installed on the ES nodes as well.

========================= Hardware overview =============================
=========== Elasticsearch Layer - Required/Available/NodeName ============
[ PASSED ] Elasticsearch 1 - 1/23 CPU - node1
[ PASSED ] Elasticsearch 1 - 11/96 GB RAM - node1
[ PASSED ] Elasticsearch 2 - 1/23 CPU - node2
[ PASSED ] Elasticsearch 2 - 9/96 GB RAM - node2
[ PASSED ] Elasticsearch 3 - 1/23 CPU - node3
[ PASSED ] Elasticsearch 3 - 9/96 GB RAM - node3
============ Application Layer - Required/Available/NodeNames =====================
[ FAILED ] Application Layer Nodes - 25/0 CPU - []
[ FAILED ] Application Layer Nodes - 125/0 GB RAM - []
============ Unschedulable (not ready nodes) - CPU/RAM/NodeNames ==================
3 CPU/15 GB RAM - master
[validate-resources] [ ERROR ] Hardware resources check failed. Add more resources to complete the installation.





Nodes labelled for use to host ElasticSearch are not included in installer resource calcuations, even if those nodes have enough resources to also host the application layer

In this situation, all nodes were labelled as ES nodes.

This is the label highlighted in bold on one node

node1    Ready    <none>   40h   v1.19.0,,dxi-es-node=master-data-1,,,


The master could be configured to schedule pods but only for demo purposes where overall resources are limited.



Allocate enough extra nodes to accommodate the application layer, or reduce labelled ES nodes to 1 if you are only deploying a test system

Additional Information


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