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Data Repository Upgrade Disabled tuned.service


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With help from Linux security team, it was observed the Data Repository upgrade had disabled a linux service called tuned.service.  It only applies to Red Hat 7 and CentOS 7 operating system.  Need to understand why this happened and should the service be stopped (permanent) or restarted?


As mentioned above the cause was Data Repository upgrade.  When you run the Data Repository prerequisites, it checks for this service and will be disabled.


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Vertica recommends the tuned.service should be stopped/disabled.  Information published on Vertica site, see additional information.   

Additional Information

See the following link for further information from Vertica:

Taken from the above link:


Disabling Tuning System Service
If you use Red Hat 7.0 or CentOS 7.0 or higher, make sure the tuning system service does not start on when Vertica reboots. Turning off tuning prevents monitoring of your OS and any tuning of your OS based on this monitoring. Tuning also enables THP silently, which can cause issues in other areas such as read ahead.

Run the following command as sudo or root:

$ chkconfig tuned off