Troubleshooting Data Imports in ITAM
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Troubleshooting Data Imports in ITAM


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Attempting to import new asset content into ITAM and finding the assets are not importing correctly.  This article is a primer on how to troubleshoot data imports.


Release : 14.1 and higher

Component : CA Asset Portfolio Management


Review the logs in the directory C:\Program Files (x86)\CA\ITAM\Data Importer Engine\logs on the ITAM App Server.  You can also access the job logs by going to the ITAM Web UI, login as an Admin user, navigate to the Administration tab, then Data Importer, then Import Jobs.  The job logs can be downloaded from here.

In the most recent log, usually written as 1004681-1004681-20200910.log:  (1004681 is the job id) you may find a message such as:

09/10/2020 09:13:41.618 AM Asset Name = ASSETNAME1, Serial Number = ASSETNAME1, Asset Tag = ASSETTAG1, Floor Location = CONFROOM1, Asset Family = Hardware.Monitor, Class = CLASS1, Model = MODEL1, User ID/ User Name = , Location = LOCATION1

09/10/2020 09:13:41.665 AM Web Service threw exception System.FormatException: Uuid should contain 32 hexadecimal digits.

Similar messages would be seen through the same log.

The above suggests that the field mapping you have defined for this import is trying to apply content from the import file to a field within ITAM that is defined as a UUID hexadecimal value. For instance, you might have a field mapping defined that sets the %serial number% to a field such as "asset.owned_resource_uuid", which could cause the above situation to occur.

In the above example, we see this setup for the mapping

We see that the %model% source field, which in the above log example is trying to insert a value of "MODEL1" is being mapped to destination field "Asset.Model ID" but this is the UUID field being referenced in the above logging.  The correct mapping should be to destination field "Asset.Model.Model Name".

Omitting the Model mapping will not work here since the Model field is required when creating an asset.  Further, the "User ID/User Name" field may also error as it is being mapped to "Asset.Owner ID", which is also a UUID field.  It should be "Asset.Owner.User ID/User Name".

In addition, the above mapping and the Data Import will also fail as there are insufficient Primary/Secondary field lookups defined. 

There should be a Primary Lookup checked ON for the lines pertaining to Asset Family and Asset Name.

There should be a Secondary Lookup checked ON for Asset Family, Class, Location, Model, and User ID.

Additional Information

An additional step to troubleshooting should be to look over any previous imports of a similar nature that did work successfully and review their job configurations/mappings to compare to the affected import job.