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AutoSys 12.0 upgrade script fails with a Java Out of Memory error


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AutoSys 12.0 upgrade script fails with a "java/lang/OutOfMemoryError" during the EEM validation steps.


This issue can occur where the EEM server has a very large number of policies. The InstallAnywhere installer runs out of Memory Heap during validation.
By default it runs with 134m of Max Memory Heap.


mRelease : 12.0

Component : AutoSys Workload Automation


The installer uses InstallAnywhere which provides the option to set Java Max Memory on the command line when executing the installer. 


./install.bin -jvmxmx 250m

Set this is to a higher value to avoid the OutOfMemory error.

Additional Information

Broadcom reproduced the issue internally with 5000+ policies in EEM. 

It was sufficient to set the java max memory to 200m in that test case to overcome the out of memory error.