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Transactional Monitoring Issue


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CA App Synthetic Monitor DX Application Performance Management



With script monitoring configured in ASM, three nodes have been configured in Australia enabled for monitoring Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne.

 The monitoring is working fine from Sydney and Brisbane Nodes, however the same script is failing in Melbourne frequently,



Monitors were configured to sequential checking algorithm.

Results from both Brisbane and Melbourne took roughly ten seconds longer than Sydney, it was only due to sequential order that error also appeared to come from Brisbane.

It was possible to check individual URLs from the script with HTTPS monitor and the response for these was still considerably longer for Brisbane and Melbourne as opposed to Sydney.

There was only regularly one confirmed check in a row.

There are no resource differences in the stations so this can be attributed to the different geographical locations and local network conditions.


Release : 10.1



Based on observed behaviour, the timeout was raised slightly and configuration to alert after 2 consecutive errors instead.

This configuration would remove many false alerts and only alert on genuine concerns

If the problems cannot be resolved by increasing timeout, please contact support to possibly investigate issues with particular public stations.