Running Jaspersoft commands after a Clarity or a Jaspersoft patch
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Running Jaspersoft commands after a Clarity or a Jaspersoft patch


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You have a Data Warehouse and Jaspersoft installed and in use. You want to install a cumulative Clarity patch and a separate Jaspersoft patch.

Do you have to run any Jaspersoft commands as mentioned in Install the Patch

Steps 9 and 10 mention commands. When you run those, and do those concern a Clarity patch only? 


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Clarity Patches

If a patch includes a bug fix for a Jaspersoft, steps 9 and 10 from the documentation are optional and only have to be run when a Clarity patch includes a bug fix for a Jaspersoft report. These steps update the report content on the Jaspersoft server, so any bug fixes to the reports are updated as well.

Only step 9 is relevant. You will never have to do #10 as this is only for customers who have not yet set up Jaspersoft. 

admin content-jaspersoft csk -userName <superuser> -password <password> upgrade -retryCount 50

Command from step #9: It basically uses the new reporting content to import it back to Jaspersoft and will overwrite existing Out of the Box (OOTB) content with the new fixed one.

You only run this for CSK/PMO because this is the only addin that includes reports (you don't have to do this for any other addins).

Jaspersoft patches

Just follow the steps from the Jaspersoft readme. The readme does not include any Clarity admin commands as the Jaspersoft patch only updates files on the Jaspersoft server. Nothing else will be required.