How to download and apply CA IDMS CARS PTF Maintenance?
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How to download and apply CA IDMS CARS PTF Maintenance?


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What is the procedure to download and apply CA IDMS CARS PTF maintenance?


Release : 19.0

Component : CA IDMS/DB


If downloading the maintenance manually from the Broadcom support portal, CAUNZIP should be used as it creates an SMPNTS file that can be received directly into the CSI without having to specify individual PTF numbers in the RECEIVE statement or in concatenate files in the SMPPTFIN.

The full procedure to apply maintenance to mainframe products is documented in the techdocs section Maintain Your Products

Instead of downloading the PTFs directly from the Broadcom support portal, a better method is to use  CA SMP/E Internet Service Retrieval. This method uses the SMP/E RECEIVE ORDER command to submit requests directly from z/OS for PTFs and HOLDDATA. Full documentation for using this feature is in techdocs section Configure CA SMP/E Internet Service Retrieval.

The procedure to download and receive maintenance manually is documented in the techdocs section Download and Receive Maintenance

In summary, the steps are as follows:

  • Logon to the Broadcom Support portal and add all available PTFs to a CART. Follow this procedure:
    • Sign in to
    • Click on Mainframe Software
    • Click on Product Downloads
    • In Search Your Product type IDMS select IDMS from the list
    • Click on Solution Downloads
    • In SEARCH type Plus 
    • Find CA IDMS/DB for z/OS Plus MVS and click on release 19.0
       This will show all current PTFs
    • Change SHOW PER PAGE to 100
    • Filter the results by entering a date in the SINCE: field. This would be the date since PTFs were last downloaded.
    • Click ADD ALL TO CART
    • Click on Cart in the menu line
    • Scroll to the bottom and click the blue button under complete PTF package, it will turn grey
    • Click on Checkout
    • In the Cart History download the cart zip file
  • ftp the CART .zip file to z/OS.
  • In z/OS run CAUNZIP to unzip the file. It will create an SMPNTS file
  • Use the JCL that is created in the ZIPRPT DD of the CAUNZIP job output to RECEIVE FROMNTS the SYSMODs.
  • Download the latest ERROR HOLDDATA
  • Download CA RS and HIPER ++ASSIGN Statements
  • Receive HOLDDATA and PTFs
  • Apply CA Recommended Service (CA RS) Maintenance using SAMPJCL member AGJ8APYP
    For example to apply CARS2006:
    CHECK /*** Remove to apply all PTFs. ***/
    CAGJJ00 /*CA IDMS Base Option */
    CAGJJ01 /*CA IDMS CICS Support */
    CAGJJ02 /*CA Culprit interface for FCS */
    CAGJJ03 /*CA Culprit interface for IMS */
    CAGJJ04 /*CA Culprit interface for RDMS */
    CAGJJ05 /*CA Culprit interface for Total */

Additional Information

See documentation sections Maintain Your Products, Download and Receive Maintenance, and Configure CA SMP/E Internet Service Retrieval.