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Failed to migrate the service provider


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We have successfully exported the data from a r12.0 sp 14 policy store and importing it into a fresh install of CA directory 14.0 using the dxdumpdb.

We followed the steps mentioned in the below link and were able to update the schema and data definitions.

However, when we ran the XPSSweeper post all the procedure, we got below error.

(ERROR) : [sm-xpsxps-07532] Failed to migrate the service provider CA.SM::[email protected](<partnership name>)

According to the below link, we would need to delete the object and the related objects.

Kindly let us know what does the error means and why it would need to be deleted.

Is there any way where we can fix the error without deleting the object.


Release : 12.8



The objects reporting error are the backing objects for the federation which gets created and deleted as you activate/deactivate the partnership.
Deactivating and Activating the Partnership against the older policy store cleared those objects.
Customer then migrated the data again.